3m³ Walk in Bin

Why Hire a 3m³ Walk in Bin?

Walk in bins are great for getting rid of rubbish, especially a lot of rubbish, and rubbish that is heavy to lift. 3m³ are not huge and are very affordable. Here are some examples of popular uses of our 3m³ walk in bins;

  • Moving house and getting rid of old furniture and appliances.
  • Yard cleanups and renovations.
  • Small home renovations

What You Need To Know About This Skip Bin

Where Do We Service?

We provide walk in bin hire in Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Macleod & Greensborough and the rest of the Banyule shire. We also provide hire options to Melbourne and other surrounding locations in the northern and western suburbs.

Why Choose A Walk In Bin?

It’s easier to walk your rubbish into the bin rather then throw it over the sides. The heavier the rubbish is, the harder to lift it becomes. Cleaning up is already tedious work, so we find walk in bins to be the best option for most rubbish removal projects.

Do I Need A Council Permit?

If you live in Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Macleod & Greensborough & surrounding suburbs then you will come under the Banyule city council. In Banyule you need a permit if you are placing your bin hire on the side of the street or council property. Call us to find out if you need a council permit for your skip bin hire.